Trent Garnaat
(Evans Harris)

Trent Garnaat - <i>Evans Harris</i>
Trent enjoys singing and acting, whether it be on stage or for film. He is naturally a lover of people and is eager to help others. Trent is also a budding musician and has several favorite past times which include playing ball with his siblings and dad and playing with light sabers and nerf swords. Even at the age of ten, Trent has the focus and discipline required for long shoots and a willingness to "do whatever" for the camera. What Trent loved most about this experience was being part of the team, building relationships, and broadening his film horizons.
Larry Bowron
(Aaron Border)

Larry Bowron - <i>Aaron Border</i>
Larry is a husband of 17 years to Traci Bowron (Stacy Border) and a father to six girls and a boy. He enjoys the pleasures of living a rural lifestyle in Southern Michigan and being outdoors with his family. He holds a BS in Aeronautical Technology from Arizona State University and has worked in Aviation/Transportation for more than 20 years. His motivation to portray Aaron was simple - to help the Staff of Golden Vision Films tell a story in a way that would encourage people toward a deeper love and acceptance of the individuals that God has placed in their lives.
Traci Bowron
(Stacy Border)

Traci Bowron - <i>Stacy Border</i>
Traci not only works with Larry Bowron (Aaron Border) on the set, but off the set as well. She and Larry have been blessed with 17 years of marriage, six daughters, and one son. Her days are filled with homeschooling, overseeing their small Michigan farm, and general sibling refereeing. She does still find time to enjoy photography, dabble in video editing, and play the Wii from time to time. Traci makes her debut in this film, and though never performing before this project, she thoroughly enjoyed the experience with Golden Vision Films and would love continued opportunities.
Katherine Gifford
(Jennie Border)

Katherine Gifford - <i>Jennie Border</i>
Katherine is a home schooled senior who has loved performing since she was a small girl. She has taken dancing lessons and has performed on stage, both dancing and acting, for over 12 years. Katherine assisted with Hair and Make-up on GVF's previous film, Rusty Reynolds, before appearing in front of the camera for Beyond Acceptance. With her love for literature and drama, Katherine was honored and thrilled to be able to bring the character of Jennie to life on screen.
Brad Garnaat
(Vincent Evans)

Brad Garnaat - <i>Vincent Evans</i>
Brad is the founder and director of Homeschool Performing Arts, a non-profit theatre company that mounts full scale stage productions throughout West Michigan. He usually is active artistically as a director for live audiences but enjoys being creative in front of the camera as well. He is passionate about creative projects where the primary pursuit is for both the product and the process to bring glory to God. Therefore, he was honored to be involved with Beyond Acceptance and the staff of Golden Vision Films.
Danae Brack
(Amy Hunt)

Danae Brack - <i>Amy Hunt</i>
Danae Brack is a teacher in her mid-twenties from Kalamazoo, Michigan. She has a Bachelor's degree in Political Science and a Master's Degree in Communications. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors, reading, and spending time with family. After being asked to audition for Beyond Acceptance in 2010, she was offered the role of Amy, to which she enthusiastically accepted. She now looks back on it as one of her most rewarding experiences.

Show Full Cast List
Full Cast List
Aaron - Larry Bowron
Evans - Trent Garnaat
Stacy - Traci Bowron
Jennie - Katherine Gifford
Vincent - Brad Garnaat
Amy - Danae Brack
Sharon - Carolyn Bertrand
Rachel - Grace Perkins
Judge Wilson - Michael Gordon
Kim - Melissa Anschutz
Greg - Ross Vande Waa
Lawyer - James Muffet
Bailiff - Hal Bates Jr.
Shawn - Chris Hoffbeck
Debbie - Stephanie Skinner
Lori - Cindy Gustafson
Drew - Carson Breault
Mr. Jenkins - Stephen Maybee
Mrs. Jenkins - Tanya Garnaat
Jenkins' Daughter - Lydia Dosh
Jenkins' Adopted Son - Jared Garnaat
Coworker 1 - Chad Campbell
Young Evans - Levi Vestrand

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