Producer- Andrew Bolzman

Andrew Bolzman - <i>Producer</i>
An adventurous dreamer, Andrew has always loved movies as a world of imagination where anything was possible. Andrew sees producing in his future and was thrilled to have Beyond Acceptance as his first feature film. As Producer, it is Andrew's job to keep the big picture in perspective and make sure that everyone is doing their job. On set, Andrew worked as the line producer, production accountant, and did all his own contracts and legal work. Andrew is exited to see just how far Beyond Acceptance will fly!
Director- Leslie Naugle

Leslie Naugle - <i>Director</i>
As an aspiring filmmaker and artist, Leslie is motivated to impact people through purposeful story telling. As the Director of Beyond Acceptance, she was responsible for story construction during the script writing process, compiling concept art to help guide the production design, working with the actors to help them understand and build their characters, overseeing the creative process on set, and guiding the story through post-production. Leslie is honored by the opportunity to direct a feature film, and is grateful to all of the people who have worked so tirelessly to bring her story to life on the screen. She prays that her work will faithfully display God's truth.
Writer/Director of Photography/Editor-
Philip Bolzman

Philip Bolzman - <i>Writer/Director of Photography/Editor</i>
Philip has been working in film for five years. As the writer of Beyond Acceptance, Philip was responsible for generating the plot lines of the story and making sure that the theme was effectively communicated. Once in production, Philip worked as Director of Photography to capture the story in order to enhance that theme. Working as the Editor, he was responsible for making sure that the viewing experience was enjoyable. Ultimately, working on Beyond Acceptance has caused Philip to grow tremendously, both as an artist and as a person.
Production Designer-
Brooke Martin

Brooke Martin - <i>Production Designer</i>
Brooke is a filmmaker and artist from Minnesota with an ardent love of creation and design. Drawing since before she can remember, she has worked extensively in fine art and film production. Functioning as the Production Designer, Brooke used her love for telling stories through aesthetics and her eye for composition to lead the art team to create the world around the film's characters. She considers her job an effort to achieve visual consistency among the sets and the overall tone of the film to tell the story effectively.
1st Assistant Director- Luke DeBoer

Luke DeBoer - <i>1st Assistant Director</i>
Since his childhood, Luke has felt a keen fascination with filmmaking. In 2008, at the age of 15, he co-founded GVF, and presently continues to enjoy working in the company. As the First Assistant Director for Beyond Acceptance, Luke brought a mix of creativity and technical knowledge to the table which allowed him to create and maintain the schedule, encourage organization, and cultivate communication. Luke says this journey has stretched his limits, softened his heart, sharpened his skills, firmed his foundation, and blessed him beyond words.
Composer- Kyle Campbell

Kyle Calvin Campbell - <i>Score Composer</i>
Kyle Calvin Campbell is a young Michigan artist with a love for sonic stories. Using the intuitive method of trial and error, Kyle composes music by weaving worlds of emotional transcendence around a narrative no matter the genre or style. And also hopefully has a good time along the way.
Sound Designer-
Brady Lundy

Brady Lundy - <i>Sound Designer</i>
Brady is an audio engineer from Minnesota with a passion for film sound. He has spent the last few years on locations with a boom pole in his hands or behind a desk mixing and doing sound design for many independent films. Apart from filmmaking, he has a strong interest in music and spends much of his time writing and touring with his band and is also pursuing a degree in Graphic Design.
Gaffer- Andrew Webster

Andrew Webster - <i>Gaffer</i>
Mesmerized by the power of well told stories, Andrew has found himself drawn over the years toward filmmaking with its limitless facets and possibilities. Having worked in multiple lighting departments over the last several years, Andrew was pleased to be given the chance to bring what he had learned into the production of Beyond Acceptance. He considers the month spent on this film to be among his most treasured of all filmmaking experiences.

Show Full Crew List
Full Crew List

Production Crew

Executive Producer - Andrew Bolzman
Director - Leslie Naugle
1st Assistant Director - Luke DeBoer
2nd Assistant Director - Andrew Faudree
Production Assistant - Brandon Garnaat, Rowen Talmage, Ruth Bowron
Baby Wrangler - Naomi Bowron
Script Supervisor - Hannah Zandstra
Behind the Scenes - Scott Kloosterman

Technical Crew

Director of Photography - Philip Bolzman
1st Assistant Camera - Cooper White
2nd Assistant Camera - Lauren Durham
Production Sound Mixer - Brady Lundy
Boom Operator - JD Stanton
DIT - Buddy Martin
Gaffer - Andrew Webster
Grip - Joe Chrysler, Kevin Dorsey
Still Photographer - Brian Little

Art Department

Production Designer - Brooke Martin
Costume Designer - Brady Laudy
Costume Assistant - Julie DeBoer
Costumer Coordinator - Esther Bolzman
Hair and Make-up Designer - Clairen Kearney
Location Manager - Emily Naugle
Art Director - Sandra Hoffbeck
Set Dresser - Mary Dosh
Prop Master - Gabe Everson

Hospitality Crew

Catering Coordinator - Sue DeKoekkoek
Catering Assistant - Tanya Garnaat, Brooklyn Garnaat, Tabi Bowron

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